Millions of people around the world use QuickBooks to track and manage the financial aspect of their businesses. Now, you may run into the term “undeposited funds” while managing the account for your business. You cannot understand a lot by just reading the term “undeposited funds” alone. This results in QuickBooks users taking wrong steps when it comes to undeposited funds in the software. So let us understand what exactly undeposited funds are.

What Are Undeposited Funds In QuickBooks?

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Overview Of Undeposited Funds

According to the QuickBooks Experts, Undeposited funds are a default asset which QuickBooks creates on its own. QuickBooks uses it as a temporary account to store the money that you get from your customers before you send it to your bank account. Whenever you receive a payment from your clients or vendors, it will be stored in the undeposited funds after which you can transfer it your bank account. Now, you can also choose or create your own “Deposit To” account for this purpose. All the money which you will get will be kept in the account which is chosen for Deposit To account.

Tips On Using Undeposited Funds In QuickBooks

We suggest a few things that you must remember while using the undeposited funds in your QuickBooks. You can send or deposit a group of payments all at once by using the group function. For example, if one of your clients makes multiple purchases, you can transfer all the money that you receive from this client to your bank account.

You will notice while using undeposited funds that funds do not have any name on them, it is because you can receive multiple payments from the same client or customer.

As we discussed earlier, you can choose to change the default “Deposit To” account. You can easily configure an account which QuickBooks will use to store all the business payments. Simply, follow these steps:

  • Open your QuickBooks software and login into your account.
  • Go to Edit > Preferences > Payments > Company Preferences.
  • Click on “Use Undeposited Funds as a default deposit to account” to unmark it.
  • Now, select the OK button to save the recently made changes.

How To Remove Deposited Funds From Undeposited Funds?

Open your QuickBooks on your screen and go to Banking > Make Deposits > Payments And Deposits > Select The Payment > and click on OK. Now, you have to type in the negative total dollar amount in the Amount field. Enter zero in the Deposit Subtotal field.

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What Are Undeposited Funds In QuickBooks?

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